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This pump has been discontinued. please refer to model 219 for replacement.Rotary pump dispenses 6gpm fits 15,30 and 55 gallon drumsRotary Action, 5000 SSU, Ounces Per Stroke 6.4, Spout, Outlet Size 3/4 In, Suction Design 3 Piece Tube, Tube Material PTFE, Suction Tube Length 41 In, Suction Pipe Size 1 1/4 In, Bung Adapter Material Polyethelene, Fits 15, 30, 55 Gallon Drums, Max Temp 104 F, Internal Parts Material PTFE,316 SS, Inlet Size 1 In FPT, Overall Length 53 1/4 In, Width 8 3/4 In, Dispense and transfer aggressive chemicals such as alkalines, detergents, waxes, a variety of acids, and water based chemicals. This self priming pump is used for pumping applications in laboratories, farms, construction sites, and manufacturing plants. Once the pump is primed it may also be used as a siphon pump. Position the handle straight down to begin the siphon, and stop it by rotating the handle one quarter turn. Always check your chemical compatibility.

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