FM Approved Industrial 3 Vane Rotary Fuel Pump

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FM Approved Pump with 8' Anti Static Hose, Nozzle, Nozzle Holder, Flame Arrestor & Vacuum Breaker. For use with Class I & Class II flammable & combustible liquids such as Gasoline, Naphtha, Alcohols & other solvents compatible with the pump components. Ideal for quickly refueling gasoline powered vehicles or equipment. Industry Standard for Rotary pumps, these are by far the heaviest duty, for severe outdoor use in extreme weather conditions. Deliver media with a head / lift upt o 20'. Solid cast iron construction, fully CNC machined to close tolerances. Pump Handle rotates a high quality sintered powder metal 3 Vane Rotor inside a highly finished pumping chamber. Graphite Veins are self lubricating & non wearing. High Quality graphite Seal allows the pump to be used with a wide variety of fluids including Diesel with up to 15% Ethanol blend. Self Priming operation with discharge up to 38 LPM (10 GPM). Supplied complete with 2" Bung, Telescopic Suction Tube with Strainer for use with 15 gallons (50 litre) – 55 gallons (205 litre) barrels.

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